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J7: Update - Into Week 4 of the Inquests‏

Greetings from J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign

A brief update from J7 as we enter the fourth week of the inquests proper, and a reminder to keep up to date with the latest analysis of inquest proceedings on the J7 7/7 Inquests blog.

The 7 July Inquests process is a crucially important process. It is also potentially the only occasion that the events of 7/7 will receive relatively open and public scrutiny, and the only public process during which some of the evidence is released into the public domain.

Already evidence has been adduced at the hearings which directly contradicts the official Home Office 'narrative' of events, yet Counsel to the Inquests has not allowed the evidence to interrupt the use of the Inquests as mere confirmation of what we have already been told.

J7 have been researching the events of 7/7 since the day itself and we can confidently state, based on the evidence that has been released, that we have no idea a) what happened, b) how it happened, and c) who made it happen.

After over five years of continuous research, J7 has very few answers. Instead we have considerably more questions than we started out with that have hitherto not been satisfactorily answered.

So, if you encounter articles, blogs or books -- in the mainstream media, or otherwise -- which profess to offer "THE TRUTH" about what happened, or which are trying to sell you something that contains an alternative narrative in which all the blanks are helpfully filled in, J7's advice is: Best stay clear.

The 7 July Inquests hearings transcripts are published each day the inquests sit, but only as web pages, making them unsuitable for printing, and cumbersome to search multiple transcripts. So, as a public service to all researchers, interested parties and investigative journalists everywhere, J7 are publishing print-friendly, easily searchable, PDF versions of the hearing transcripts. We have also helpfully summarised the nature of the contents of the evidence adduced in court and released via the 7 July Inquests web site.

Read and download the Inquests Transcripts as PDFs, complete with evidence summaries:

Read and download the J7 Submissions to the Inquests

Since our last email update, three new articles have gone live on the dedicated J7 Inquests blog, including an article featuring J7's very own first home-grown video production!

J7: 7/7 Inquests Blog: The Curious Case of the Jag That Parked in the Daytime
A picture tells a thousand words, moving pictures a few more than that. Taking a closer look at the CCTV footage from Luton station on 28 June 2005 and 7 July 2005. The article also includes a J7-produced video to highlight the curious coincidence of the Jag that parked in the daytime.

Behind the Scenes of the Aldgate Explosion, at 11 minutes to 9
Evidence adduced in court all points to major issues on the underground happening *before* the time at which the Counsel for the Inquests is adamant that suicide bombers instigated explosions.

The Strange Account of Ross Mallinson
The Inquests have given rise to many more unresolved issues. One such issue is that of Ross Mallinson, and quite where he was and what happened to him. If the inquests are unable to satisfactorily define the story of a survivor, even one that hasn't been called to give evidence, with what precision will the inquest perform its proper task?

We will be in touch again soon. In the meantime, please keep checking back at the J7: 7/7 Inquests blog. You can also subscribe to the J7:7/7 Inquests blog using RSS feed links on the blog, or by email using the 'Subscribe to J7:Inquests Blog' form in the blog sidebar.

In solidarity, for truth and justice,
J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign

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