Monday 2 April 2012

J7 Vs BBC 7/7 Conspiracy Road Trip / Renegade Pictures / Andrew Maxwell - Updated 30-09-2012

This year sees the 7th anniversary of the events known as 7/7.  Seven years on and there has been no public inquiry into the single largest loss of life in London since the second world war, nor is there any official suggestion that an inquiry might take place.

Inquests were held, but not into the deaths of the four accused, and the Inquest failed in its primary function of establishing the basic facts about who died, where they died and how they came about their deaths.  If anything, the limited evidence released during the Inquests merely called into question ever more aspects of the official account.  J7 attended the Inquest proceedings and documented our findings on the dedicated  J7: 7/7 Inquests Blog.

If you've been following the J7 story for sufficiently long enough, you'll know that we have been approached by the media several times to solicit our participation in one 'documentary' or another.  For example, we were contacted by the BBC Conspiracy Files series and we wrote this piece in response to them.  You will learn more about 7/7 from reading our refusal to participate in the BBC Conspiracy Files than you will from watching the 7/7 Conspiracy Files.

Last week, following a voicemail that had been left with J7 earlier in the day, we received a comment on the July 7th Truth Campaign web site, again from people working on behalf of the BBC. The comment was as follows:
Do you think the July 7/7 bombings is a conspiracy?

BBC3 documentary wants to hear from people who doubt the official version of events.

If you think that the 7/7 bombings was not a terrorist attack, and was in fact orchestrated by the British government, then we want to hear from you.

Do you think it’s strange that no public inquiry was held after the bombings?

Or perhaps you think that the video footage of the bombers was doctored?

Or do you find it hard to believe that just four men were able to carry it out alone?

If this sounds like you, we are offering you the chance to put your views to the test in a new exciting documentary.

Email  for more information, or call 0207 449 3253. All contact will be confidential and will not commit you to the programme.

Applicants must be between the ages of 18-35
For those unfamiliar with the Conspiracy Road Trip programme its opening gambit was a production called 9/11: Conspiracy Road Trip, first aired on BBC3 the day before the tenth anniversary of 9/11. For anyone that missed it it's on YouTube and involves using a singularly unfunny comedian taking five doubters of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory on a bus ride around America in an attempt to help them get their minds right.

Out of five participants in the Conspiracy Road Trip only one appeared to recant on their disbelief of the official narrative, the already highly suspect ex-banker and Territorial Army man, Charlie Veitch, and much has been written about him by many people elsewhere.  The remaining four participants were unchanged in their views, much to the chagrin of the 'comedian' in charge of setting everyone straight and one participant even went as far as to complain about the manner in which she was portrayed in the broadcast cut of the documentary.

Initially the production company, Renegade Pictures, was asking "to hear from people who think the 7/7 bombings was a conspiracy" when any theory that involves more than one person making 7/7 happen being, by legal definition, a 'conspiracy theory'.  Note that the official account, the 'narrative', is itself a 'conspiracy theory' as it has yet to be proven or supported by anything other than circumstantial and speculative evidence.  When asked to provide a definition of what was meant by the use of the term 'conspiracy' in their request for participants, Renegade explained, "We mean do you think that it was orchestrated by the Government?".  Which is, of course, an entirely different question to whether or not 7/7 was a conspiracy, to the point that the original question is rendered disingenuous and misleading.  Ignoring for now the standard "Was it Muslims or the Government" false dichotomy set-up, and giving credit where it's due, after some further prompting the recruitment drive was rephrased to say, "BBC3 doc is looking for people who doubt the official account of 7/7 bombings." While Renegade have amended the content of their Tweets, their Twitter Bio still reads: "The Conspiracy Road Trip team is looking for people that think that the July 7/7 bombings was a conspiracy."

Undeterred by all this and by our previous experiences with the BBC and mainstream media generally, the dialogue that was opened with the production company @ConspiracyRT on Twitter by a member of J7 resulted in Renegade Pictures, which is comprised of several ex-BBC staff, agreeing to enter into an open and public debate as part of their endeavours to recruit candidates for the forthcoming show.

The comment thread for this post is designed to provide the open and public platform for J7 and Renegade Pictures to have the dialogue that would otherwise have taken place by phone or email rather than in a public forum.

The floor is yours, Renegade Pictures....

******* UPDATE 30-09-2012 *******

BBC3's 7/7 Conspiracy Road Trip airs tomorrow night, so its worth re-iterating the point made in the comments about the strange dichotomy that arises from the two opposing views seemingly simultaneously maintained by the Irish comedian and presenter of Conspiracy Road Trip, Andrew Maxwell.

Andrew Maxwell appeared on the BBC Radio 4 News Quiz in April 2012 during the production of 7/7 Conspiracy Road Trip.

When discussing the topic of the European Court of Human Rights ruling on the extradition of Abu Hamza, and four others including Babar Ahmad to the U.S. (since sanctioned), he said the following:
"I assumed he [Abu Hamza] was a spy, or a tout. I mean I'd imagine the actual real dudes that we're meant to be chasing around are, y'know, below the surface, right? Lilywhites? People with absolutely no connection to radical mosques or something like that. Maybe not even obviously be Muslim, maybe have a Celtic accent."

Independent on Sunday Front Page:
The Hillsborough Conspiracy

But 9/11 though, and 7/7 too, happened exactly as we've been told, without any "below the surface" "real dudes" "that we're meant to be chasing around" and definitely none of those "Lilywhites", those "people with absolutely no connection to radical mosques" and who are "maybe not even obviously Muslim", no siree, and definitely not with "celtic accents" that people with names like Martin McDaid and James McLintock might have.

The story of 7/7 is, of course, just as we've been told.  In much the same way as the official stories, or 'narratives' if you prefer, regarding the Guildford 4, Birmingham 6, Danny McNamee, Judith Ward, the Maguire 7, and the State's execution of Human Rights lawyer Pat Finucane were true, all of whom happen to be from Andrew Maxwell's home country.

Remember too, that 7/7 Conspiracy Road Trip airs in the wake of new revelations about the BBC's complicity in the cover-up of sex crimes commited by Jimmy Saville; the media, police and government corruption scandal that runs right up to the office of the Prime Minister courtesy of one Andrew Coulson, and the revelations about the black propaganda operations conducted by the police, media and state against the victims and families of those who died at the Hillsborough disaster.