Monday 2 October 2006

New Content on J7 site: The Terror Rehearsal

On the afternoon and evening of 7th July 2005, information came to light about a private company running a terror rehearsal operation at the time that real explosions were reported to have occurred on the London transport network.

These revelations came not from an anonymous source but instead from the Managing Director of the private firm running the terror rehearsal operation. The private firm is Visor Consultants and the Managing Director in question is Peter Power. The client for whom the terror rehearsal was being organised is, thus far, unknown.

On and after 7/7, Peter Power gave a number of interviews in which he referred to the terror exercise he was running on the morning of 7th July.

In his interview with Radio 5 live, Peter Power said:

" half-past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for, er, over, a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning, so I still have the hairs on the back of my neck standing upright!"

Note how Power refers to 'simultaneous bombs going off'. Note also that it wasn't until 9th July 2005, two days after the incidents, that it was revealed the explosions on the underground were 'almost simultaneous'. Power's fictional scenario, as explained by the man himself on the day, bears a closer resemblance to the eventual story of 7/7 than it does to the actual story that had been presented to the public by the police and authorities at the time of his interview.

Only ex-Mossad Chief, Ephraim Halevi who wrote in the Jerusalem Post on 7th July 2005 of, "the multiple, simultaneous explosions that took place today on the London transportation system" was able to demonstrate the same level of 'insight' as Mr Power.

Since the precise timings of the explosions were not publicly established on July 7th, and Mr. Power points out later on that only "One scenario in particular, was very similar to real time events.", it could be said that Peter Powers' dramatic response to the events of July 7th, wasn't really warranted. So why, then, did the hairs on the back of his neck stand up at all, in reaction to a 'coincidence' he should not have been aware of on the day, and another 'coincidence' which he later went to the trouble of stating was not a coincidence at all?

Was Peter Power in possession of information that the police were not? Why did he back track from and play down his original statements, when he had also stated on July 8th that the 'mock broadcasts' he was organising on July 7th, were so realistic that people didn't realise there was a genuine attack when the genuine news bulletins began? Why did he later say the exercise was only carried out "on paper" when it clearly, from his other statements, was not?

For an in-depth analysis of Mr. Power's career, Visor Consultants and their connections and media terror operations, please see the new content page on the J7 site The 7/7 Terror Rehearsal.