Sunday 10 June 2007

J7 interviewed on Channel 4 News

A specially commissioned Channel 4 survey shows 59% of Muslims don't believe the government has told the whole truth about 7/7. The survey of 500 British Muslims, carried out by GFK NOP, found that nearly a quarter don't believe the four men identified as the London bombers were responsible for the attacks and 52% believe that the British security services have "made up" evidence to convict terrorist suspects.

While the Channel 4 news survey focused on beliefs among the Muslim community, the J7 group of independent public researchers is comprised predominantly of non-Muslims and includes people of all races, colours and creeds indicating that similar research among the non-Muslim community would be likely to show similar results.

Indeed the comments submitted by Channel 4 News viewers who saw the piece seem to support this. Darshna Soni’s follow up blog makes the point, “But dozens of you pointed out that it isn’t just British Muslims who question the official narrative.”

A few of the non-Muslim commenters who are also sceptical about the official version of events include:

  • "Well done Ch4 and thanks for bringing the survey and a number of important issues to the attention of the British public. Do bear in mind many British non-Muslims also question the official version of 7/7."
  • “I am white and middle class, and I also think that the government has not told us the truth about 7/7.
  • "Why don't you ask the same question of non-Muslims? i.e. 'do you trust the authorities and the government?' - you might be surprised by the result, as its not only Muslims who no longer believe the Bliar government."
  • “Why only ask Muslims about this? It isn’t only Muslims who believe this.”
  • "I am a white female atheist and I don't believe the government has told us the whole truth about the 7/7 bombings. I don't believe the conspiracy theories either. So, for this survey you could also have asked Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and atheists what they thought. I'd be prepared to bet that the answer to the question 'has the government told the truth about 7/7' would be broadly similar in all of those."
  • “You need to carry out a survey of non-Muslims - you might get a result that is not all that different.”
  • “I think you’ll find the majority of non-Muslims living in Britain would give the same answers.”
  • "The government and security services lied about weapons of mass destruction, they lied about the reason for the war, and after the shooting of an innocent man on the tube, more lies were told. Is it any wonder that many Muslims do not believe the government?! So do many non-Muslims."
  • "I think you have missed the point somewhat, as it is not only a view commonly held among Muslims but also among many English nationals and people around the world."
  • "You will find massive support for the Muslim view, and not just from Muslims."
  • “You don’t need to look only at the Muslims community to find people (a) believing in conspiracy surrounding that particular event or (b) feeling let down, manipulated and betrayed by their own government.”

Also worth looking at is the list of over 1300 signatories of the J7 RELEASE THE EVIDENCE Petition which, once again, seems to indicate quite clearly that it isn’t just Muslims who don’t believe the government has told the whole truth about 7/7.

In another piece on the Channel 4 web site, Darshna Soni highlights a few of the more egregious errors and inconsistencies in the official Home Office report, something that hasn’t been done since the Guardian article by Mark Honigsbaum which featured J7 (the J7 response to the article is here).

You can watch Darshna Soni's original report, Survey: 'government hasn't told truth about 7/7', here, read viewer comments on the piece here and Darshna Soni's follow-up blog here. See also 7/7 The Conspiracy Theories which explains some of the anomaliles in the official story and Conspiracies and Cover-Ups.

Given the historical and widely accepted history of terrorism on the British mainland, particularly with regard to alleged instances of 'Irish terrorism', it would be unwise not to acknowledge the lessons learned from the cases of the Guildford 4, Birmingham 6, Maguire 7, Danny McNamee and Judith Ward, amongst others. All of these people were convicted of terrorist crimes for politically expedient purposes and served long prison sentences on the basis of State-manufactured evidence and the suppression by the State of evidence that proved their innocence.

The barbaric sentences handed out to five young men in the Crevice trial, based on the evidence of a Supergrass, the likely involvement of an intelligence services agent, as well as the use of forced confessions extracted under torture abroad are more recent examples of how similar tactics to those developed in Northern Ireland are now being used against British Muslim subjects, the perceived enemy of the day.

It will be interesting to see if and how Channel 4 follow up the piece.

Friday 8 June 2007

New J7 Website Content - Edgware Road Analysis

After many months of research J7 are pleased to publish a detailed analysis and summary of the events that occurred around the Edgware Road and Paddington areas of the London Underground on 7th July 2005. The analysis covers the official version of events including a timeline, how the story broke in the media, the confusing eye-witness accounts of sighting Mohammed Sidique Khan on the train, the MPS account of three trains being involved including 'a blast through a tunnel wall' and the discrepancies in the journeys of some of the victims. We also analyse the Resilience Mortuary and the strange use of two hotels as temporary morgues. The article also examines the TrackerNet images from the morning of July 7th, further anomalies surrounding the incident and a summary of the unanswered questions regarding the incident site.

For the full details, please visit the J7 site and read the article here.