Friday, 8 June 2007

New J7 Website Content - Edgware Road Analysis

After many months of research J7 are pleased to publish a detailed analysis and summary of the events that occurred around the Edgware Road and Paddington areas of the London Underground on 7th July 2005. The analysis covers the official version of events including a timeline, how the story broke in the media, the confusing eye-witness accounts of sighting Mohammed Sidique Khan on the train, the MPS account of three trains being involved including 'a blast through a tunnel wall' and the discrepancies in the journeys of some of the victims. We also analyse the Resilience Mortuary and the strange use of two hotels as temporary morgues. The article also examines the TrackerNet images from the morning of July 7th, further anomalies surrounding the incident and a summary of the unanswered questions regarding the incident site.

For the full details, please visit the J7 site and read the article here.

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