Friday 26 June 2009

BBC2 Conspiracy Files and the Official Conspiracy Theory

"Is the Kennedy assassination conspiracy just a lot of hoopla kicked up by "conspiracy buffs"? Most of the independent investigators I have met seem to be serious politically literate people. Their struggle to arrive at the truth is not impelled by a love of conspiracies but by a concern for the political and historic importance of the case. They seek the truth no matter how dirty it might be. That process of confronting the machinations of the national security state is not a conspiracy hobby. It is an essential part of the struggle for democracy."

-- Dr Michael Parenti
from The JFK Assassination, Defending the Gangster State

At 9pm on Tuesday 30th June, we will have the opportunity to watch the BBC's 7/7 Conspiracy Files episode which was delayed due to the retrial of the 3 accused of helping to plan the events in London on 7th July 2005. Despite two trials, which showed for the first time unreleased CCTV and other evidence of these events, the jury found the three accused, Ali, Shakil and Saleem, not guilty of the charges.

Some argued that if the four accused of bombing London were in fact innocent, then their three close friends, Ali Shakil & Saleem, would have challenged the evidence shown and protested that the Official Conspiracy Theory (which, to date, and without any conclusive proof, is all the State's version remains), was false. This is a flawed argument, because if the three knew nothing about the plot, they could hardly argue in their defence that it didn't happen the way we have been told. Yet, while anything other than the official 'narrative' of events is derided as a 'conspiracy theory', it was nothing less than a 'conspiracy theory' which formed the basis of the prosecution's case.

J7 have always maintained that the most dangerous Conspiracy Theories and Conspiracy Theorists are those propagated by the State itself, contained within its laws and its actions against those that it chooses to prosecute and imprison, as evidenced in these excerpts from the trial of Ali, Shakil and Saleem:
"In his closing speech to the jury, Henry Blaxland QC, defending Ali, likened the prosecution allegations to the fairy story of the Emperor's New Clothes.

'In the parable, the people are afraid to undermine the status quo by questioning the Emperor,' he said.

'The status of these allegations - the killing of 52 people - put before you with the full weight of the Crown Prosecution Service behind it is such that some of you might have some reticence in saying the simple and obvious thing - that it can be proved beyond reasonable doubt is ludicrous.

'The prosecution case is entirely devoid of anything that could be described as reliable evidence and is an exercise in speculation - the prosecution could not decide which way to jump.

'It is straight out of 'Alice through the Looking Glass' when the Queen says to Alice 'you have sentence first, trial later.'

He went on to describe the 'fundamental implausibility' of the theory that Ali, Saleem and Shakil travelled to London seven months before the devastating attacks to scout out possible targets.

He said: 'The prosecution say that the picture that emerges from the phone data is so compelling, but it is strangely quite the contrary.

'The records are positively inconsistent with this.

'Only a hardened conspiracy theorist with an inflexible mindset could squeeze a sinister interpretation out of the phone records.

'They present you with tantalising puzzle and it would be easy for your imagination to get the better of you.'
Andrew Hall QC, representing Sadeer Saleem, told Kingston Crown Court that the case against the three men was
'utterly implausible' and described it as 'a conspiracy theory that the prosecution have been prepared to pursue to the bitter end.'
The Judge in his closing remarks to the jury said:
.. the men claim in their defence they are victims of a 'conspiracy theory without foundation.'

J7 is somewhat dubious as to the ability of the BBC to do justice to the considerable body of evidence which questions the Official Conspiracy Theory (as outlined with little actual evidence in the twice amended official report of the London bombings produced by the Home Office in May 2006) preferring instead to set-up straw men which are easily knocked down. With the participation of Nick Kollerstrom they will also be able to add 'holocaust denial' to the list of reasons why 'conspiracy theorists are dangerous and must be avoided at all costs'. J7's honest, principled and reasoned refusal to participate in this sham of a 'documentary' -- if previous outings of the Conspiracy Files are anything to go -- can be read here.

Will the BBC 7/7 Conspiracy Files address, or attempt to answer, any of the following questions:

Will the BBC's Mike Rudin and Tristan Quinn examine the nature of the explosives?

Or how Germaine Lindsay, on the 'packed to capacity' Piccadilly Line train, was able to scatter both his ID around the carriage and place a large backpack on the floor of the train before detonating the explosives?
The bombers scattered identity and bank cards around the Tube carriages they targeted before placing their rucksacks on the floor and setting off the explosives inside them, jurors heard.

Or, how these two women were able to exit the Piccadilly Line train 'within 3 to 4 minutes' whereas the most famous and vociferous survivor of 7/7 Ms Rachel 'North' (who will no doubt make an appearance to castigate those who dare to question these events) claims in her BBC diary: “After about 20 to 30 minutes we started to leave the train.”

Or, why the Metropolitan Police claimed that 3 trains were involved in the Edgware Road incident and that a 'hole was blown through a tunnel wall'?

Or, how the boot of a Nissan Micra:

was able to contain:


Or, how 'Supergrass' Mohammed Junaid Babar, after undoubtedly coming to the attention of the world's Security Services, was still able to freely travel between the UK and Pakistan to apparently meet with Khan, Khawaja and Khyam.

Or, examine the role played by ex-SBS anti-terrorist operative, Martin 'Abdullah' McDaid in running the Iqra bookshop in Beeston Leeds.

Or, re-interview Richard Jones, an individual given considerable air-time by the BBC, who has given many and varied versions of what he claims to have seen aboard the number 30 bus which means that, at best, he is an extremely unreliable witness. Furthermore, none of his accounts bear any relation to Hasib Hussain.

Or, why no CCTV has been released that shows any of the 4 accused approaching the underground platforms, on the underground platforms or boarding the trains or the number 91 or 30 bus.

One of the released CCTV images of the 4 together leaving KX Thameslink Station (noticeably not the 'iconic' hugging that the Official Conspiracy Theory claims occurred).

Or, why Hasib Hussain would have known his detonator was malfunctioning if he hadn't already boarded a train and attempted to detonate his explosive, thus necessitating a return to King's Cross to purchase a battery.

Or, how young David Foulkes tragically died on a train that had left Edgware Road station, when he should have left the train at Edgware Road station after having arranged to meet a colleague there and, according to his father, travelling the three stops from Euston station.

Or, why Scotland Yard denied the fact of a second controlled explosion on the Number 30 bus.

Or, why none of the drivers of the 3 trains that were involved that day have been interviewed, named or honoured. On the contrary, the driver of the Piccadilly Line train, Tom Nairn, was refused compensation on the grounds that the 'police had no record of him'.

Or, any of the endless list of unanswered questions, anomalies and inconsistencies detailed in the following articles:

Mike Rudin justifies the forthcoming episode of the Conspiracy Files on this basis:
... I also think it is important to investigate the conspiracy theories that continue to develop around 7 July attacks, because they play on the fears of the Muslim community and spread a highly divisive and damaging message.
We would argue that it is the constant demonisation of the Muslim community, the endless arrests and prosecutions, some for no more than possession of a CD, and the abundance of hideous anti-Muslim propaganda that hinges on the official conspiracy theory about how 7th July 2005 came to be, that really spread 'a highly divisive and damaging message'.

Whatever negative picture the BBC set out to paint of those who question the government about the events of 7/7 -- something we do in precisely the same way that campaigners and activists who challenge the government over the reasoning and justifications for the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, ID cards, MP expenses, or indeed any other issue that impacts upon the entire population -- J7 will remain exactly what we say we are, a Truth Campaign.

We have campaigned for the truth about the events of 7th July 2005 for nearly four years, and we will continue to do so until such time as the truth is known. Unless there is evidence in the public domain that proves conclusively the Official Conspiracy Theory, then it remains a conspiracy theory, as outlandish as any other, and we will continue to (in keeping with Henry Blaxland's defence) "question the emperor" even if it does "undermine the status quo".

We leave the last words to Omar Khyam, Anthony Garcia, Waheed Mahmood, Jawad Akbar, and Salahuddin Amin, as spoken by lawyer Imran Khan outside the Old Bailey at the end of the Operation Crevice trial.
This was a prosecution driven by the security services, able to hide behind a cloak of secrecy, and eager to obtain ever greater resources and power to encroach on individual rights.

There was no limit to the money, resources and underhand strategies that were used to secure convictions in this case.

This case was brought in an atmosphere of hostility against Muslims, at home, and abroad. One stoked by this government throughout the course of this case.

This prosecution involved extensive intrusion upon personal lives, not only ours, but our families and friends.

Coached witnesses were brought forward. Forced confessions were gained through illegal detention, and torture abroad. Threats and intimidation was used to hamper the truth. All with the trial judge seemingly intent to assist the prosecution almost every step of the way.

These were just some of the means used in the desperate effort to convict. Anyone looking impartially at the evidence would realise that there was no conspiracy to cause explosions in the UK, and that we did not pose any threat to the security of this country.

It is not an offence to be young, Muslim and angry at the global injustices against Muslims.


Sinclair said...

No doubt the BBC will mention the Peter Power 'exercise', but will they mention the other exercises of the morning of July 7th 2005 wich included the following?:

• Senior London Ambulance Service (LAS) Officers conference in Central London
• Police Counter Terrorism exercise South London
• Senior clinicians conference at the British Medical Association building [Tavistock Square - see Guardian article here]
• Senior health service managers meeting at Lambeth, Central London
• Senior clinicians meeting at the Royal London hospital helicopter landing pad [HEMS]
• London Health Service ‘Gold’ in a meeting with the LAS Chief Officer
(source:Page 90)
• Coroners Exercise on 7th July (source)

Bridget said...

Thanks Sinclair

There's also this:

There was also at the time a meeting of senior Network Rail staff in the Russell Hotel, yards from the Tavistock Square and Russell Square tube station, and, donning their emergency jackets, they were quickly able to help out at the two nearby scenes of bombings, King’s Cross and Tavistock Square.

Source: Christian Woolmar