Sunday, 13 May 2007

Tayab Ali's post-Crevice Trial Statement on behalf of Salahuddin Amin - Video & Transcript

Below is full transcript of the statement given by lawyer Tayab Ali, on behalf of Salahuddin Amin, as given outside the Old Bailey at the end of the Crevice trial on 30/04/07:

This statement is provided on behalf of Salahuddin Amin:
In the name of God, the most compassionate, the merciful.

I am innocent.

An outrageous confidence trick has been played on the jury, and against me.

I was convicted by false evidence and the fruits of torture.

I am innocent.

I told the jury the truth.

I am innocent.

I told the jury I had been tortured and mistreated by the ISI, the Pakistani intelligence services, over a ten month period of illegal detention in Pakistan during 2004.

I told the jury how the British security services were responsible for my illegal detention, mistreatment, and illegal transfer to the UK.

Even though I am a British Citizen, the British government did not lift a finger to protect me from abuse and torture.

In fact, the British authorities made it worse by interrogating me at the same time as knowing I had been tortured.

The British government have been able to hide their shameful involvement in my illegal detention and torture in secret sessions which occurred during the trial.

These hearings cannot be reported to you, the public. They continue to hide behind this veil.

I demand they tell the truth about what they did to me.

I demand the truth about the other people who are still in secret detention and being tortured as part of this misguided war on terror.

I was illegally detained with some of these people. I know that some of them were treated far worse than I was, while British, American, and Canadian intelligence officers stood ready to benefit from the unreliable fruits of torture.

I demand an apology from the head of the security services and the British government about what they did to me.

I demand an explanation as to how this could have happened.

My wrongful conviction has given a green light to those who carry out the heinous act of torture on behalf of civilised western governments.

I will continue to fight to clear my name.

Thank you.
For other statements made by Crevice defence lawyers, and additional information about Operation Crevice, please see the Operation Crevice section of the J7 web site.

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