Thursday, 11 May 2006

July 7 'narrative' and ISC reports released

The July 7th 'narrative' that Charles Clarke offered the British People instead of a full Independent Public Inquiry has been released.

The BBC, Sky News and Channel 4 are all rolling CCTV footage of the accused from 28th June 2005 as if it were from July 7th (indeed the BBC even cropped out the time and date stamp for the full brainwashing effect) when, of course, no footage has ever been released of the four accused of perpetrating the atrocities on July 7th in over ten months since the incidents occurred.

Nor has any evidence been released that could convinct anyone in a court of law for what happened.

Here are some reports:

The BBC, true to form, is still using Mr Peter Power of Visor Consultants as an independent security consultant with no special connection to the events of July 7th, even though on the morning of July 7th he was rehearsing bombs going off in precisely the stations that they did.

When you're done reading the official confusions see the July Seventh Truth Campaign web site, and the associated July 7th People's Investigation Forum where you can read and join in the analysis and discussion that is shredding the Home Office narrative.


Anonymous said...

keep up the good work!

should be very interesting. Looks like DER SPIEGEL made a bubu
that gives away the plot.

in light of the recent revelation that (not only) german media
were stacked with moles from the spy agencies...

Anonymous said...

The opening of an inquiry into the attacks would be costly and damaging to the police and security services delicate works.

The fact is and this is the fact you will have a multi million pound inquiry to find out this, 4 men packed with explosives willingly murdered and mamed innocent people of all races and religion in the name of there own twisted and wrong view of islam.

If it was a conspircay why would they have released a video of theselves to grass themselves up i think not some people understandibly cannot accept the fact bad things happen but they do and if you really look at the the events before and after you will see theres no conspiracy and it is time to become solid union jack reps and stay strong otherwise they win.

Jetstar Boss said...

anonymous 2,

"why would they leave a video to grass themselves".

i think our main line of inquiry is not to get a public inquiry (although we do want one) but instead we just want some evidence! anyway many photo analysts have said the videos are suspicious. and how likely is it to be real if his (Mohammed siddique khan) own friends said live on bbc that it wasnt even him in the video!?


p.s. and please check your spelling. Understandably and conspiracy.
Grammar i dont mind but spellings are one of my pet hates.