Monday, 26 February 2007

The economics of 7/7 and other mysteries of capitalism explained

"If a country like the former Soviet Union, armed to the teeth and with the massive resources of the state could not achieve the alleged objective of overthrowing capitalism after seventy-five years, it is reasonable to ask the question, why has the British state embarked on a policy of creating a de facto police state replete with laws which have more than a passing similarity to those passed by both Hitler and Mussolini?"

Writer and journalist William Bowles on The economics of 7/7 and other mysteries of capitalism explained in an article written specially for the July 7th Truth Campaign.

Saturday, 24 February 2007

New J7 Article: Capitalising on Terror

"Oh well......I wasn't using my civil liberties anyway"

Capitalising on Terror: Who is really destroying our freedoms?

The threat of terrorist attacks cannot fail to be embedded into the consciousness of almost all who reside in this country. The UK has been under the shadow of terrorism for many decades from one 'enemy' or another. Even as the emergency response was still under way on the 7th of July 2005, politicians and public figures were praising the defiant spirit of the British public in the face of atrocity.

However, it is fair to say that the psychological effects of such events vary across the general population. With the constant “When, not if” type warnings ringing in the ears of the British public, almost relentless news coverage of 'terror raids' and 'foiled plots', it is virtually impossible not to feel that we should be fearing for our safety. But how do we know we're being given an accurate picture of exactly what the threat is and from where it's coming? How do we know that if we live in a major city, every time we step out of doors or use the public transport system we will not be met with 'death and destruction on an unprecedented scale'?

Alternatively, how likely is it that we will? In today's Britain, people are now charged – and in some cases jailed - for even thinking about terrorism and details of suspected terrorists' plans can be revealed to the media even though it is also admitted that the intelligence that led to the raids "could be wrong" . The J7 campaign is extremely concerned that the measures put in place that are supposedly designed to protect the public could actually present a bigger threat to our safety and freedom than terrorism itself, and constructing more of a climate of fear than the terrorists ever could........

Recently the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, suggested that modern day Britain is comparable to Idi Amin's regime in Uganda. Around the same time the leader of Birmingham Central Mosque, Dr Mohammed Naseem, compared life for Muslims in the UK to that of the life of Jews in Nazi Germany. In among the furore that ensued among the liberal intelligentsia, the leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron, gently reminded everyone that the laws don't just apply to Muslims, or terrorists, the laws apply to everyone. If you are reading this in Britain, that means you.

Read the full article on the J7 site here.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

J7: The London Bombings Dossier, A forensic analysis by David Minahan

J7 are pleased to announce a major new area of content on the J7 web site, the J7 London Bombings Dossier - A Forensic Analysis of the London Bombings. The dossier was compiled and researched by former National President of the MSF Union (now Amicus), David Minahan. David also worked as a claims investigator for an insurance company and also a leading firm of solicitors and has extensive experience of 'forensic' investigation.

From the dossier's introduction:

A Forensic Analysis of the 7/7 London Bombings,
by David Minahan


The London Bombings dossier is a well-researched study and analysis of the events of 7th July 2005 and was received by the July 7th Truth Campaign in hard-copy format. Since receiving the hard copy version of the dossier, J7 have managed to obtain electronic copies of the dossier's summaries from the author. J7 researchers have verified the research contained within the dossier and converted the in-depth printed dossier into the electronic version that is reproduced here.

The July 7th Truth Campaign are reproducing this dossier for the wealth of information it contains, the depth of research and its compilation of related pieces of information that, in the time that has passed since the events to which the dossier refers, seem to have disappeared from the public consciousness. J7 does not necessarily endorse the views, findings or conclusions contained in the dossier and is making the dossier available here for informational purposes.

The original dossier consisted of “print offs” of various internet items, arranged into folders. Each individual folder consisted of around ten “exhibits” annotated with reference numbers in the top right hand corner of the page. The folders were divided into twenty six subject headings, and in five cases into two sub folders. There were, therefore, a total of thirty one folders, and approximately three hundred and ten exhibits.

Although other relevant items came to light during the research, for ease of reference, each folder was restricted to ten items only. It is appreciated that different press reports may have come from the same agency source resulting in some duplication.

As with the original dossier, in reproducing the information contained within it, wherever possible, priority has been given to the statements of named witnesses, either quoted in the press or, ideally on their own blogs. Also contemporaneous, (or near contemporaneous) reports from local papers, in particular the Evening Standard and the Hampstead and Highgate Express, rather than national newspapers, feature significantly.

Each folder contains the writer's summary of its contents with reference made to certain of the exhibits. Hopefully, however, all the items are of relevance and not just those commented upon. The majority of the folders deal with sites of explosions, or suspected explosions. In addition there are eight that deal with background items - “advance warnings” “media restrictions” etc.

As far as possible the folders have been arranged so that related sites and subjects follow chronologically.

To read the complete dossier, please click here.

Saturday, 3 February 2007

J7 Petition reaches 1000 signatures

Launched under six months ago, the J7 'Release the Evidence' petition has now been signed by over 1000 people. This is a clear indication of how strongly people feel that we need to see the facts about this atrocity. Thanks to everybody who's taken the time to sign and distribute the petition....all of you are a force for change.